Textiles - Fox Trot

Wallpaper collection launched in January 2016, designed in-house for Pierre Frey.

Fox Trot takes you back to the beginning of the 20th century. The focus is on car rides, trendy cocktails sipped on the divan of a cozy boudoir, and wild polo and croquet matches. Freed from the suffocation of corsets, the women go about in pearl-adorned dresses bought from Paris couturiers while the men seem to have come straight out of a Fitzgerald novel.

The air sparkles as if filled with champagne bubbles and the atmosphere is jubilant. The walls are decorated with precious coverings and opulent motifs, which nevertheless have a great freshness and carefree chic. Delving into its archives, the Pierre Frey design house offers you a contemporary vision of those years of insouciance and excess.

Designed for a contemporary clientèle, this collection will fit in perfectly with a modern decor.