Textiles - Jungle

Wallpaper collection launched in January 2016, designed in-house for Pierre Frey.

The Jungle collection has been designed like a voyage into a land of colours and materials. Each motif tells a story and each page is an open window onto a fanciful, yet unexplored South American country: an oasis which is both wild and benevolent.

Large scale, startling patterns have always been one of the hallmarks of the Pierre Frey design house. Here, there is no obvious link between the papers, but a main thread, which is green like the Amazon River… We are transported into a land where we would love to stay for a very long holiday.

We invite you, in our daydream, to stroll in the midst of cacti without spines, stroke a jaguar, and have a nap in the shade of trees always laden with fruit… Time seems to be at a standstill… Let yourself be wooed by the charms of this lost paradise.