Props - The Art of... Books

The Art of Natural Beauty
Perfect companion for anyone who wants to save money (and the planet) by ditching chemical-filled, mass-produced beauty products and making their own natural ones at home.

The Art of Herbs for Health
This beautifully photographed book contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to improve their health with herbs.

The Art of Natural Cleaning
This handy little guide is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to keep their home sparklingly clean without resorting to chemical products.

The Art of Edible Flowers
This gorgeous little book is a joyful exploration of the many ways in which flowers can be used in a range of delicious recipes.

Photographer: Nassima Rothacker
Author: Rebecca Sullivan
Food Stylist: Rachel De Thample

  • Role Prop Stylist
  • For Kyle Books
  • Date Spring 2018
  • Type Book
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